The sector-focused Focus Fund in nanotechnology, micro-electronics & Internet of Things from KBC

With the KBC Focus Fund we have the ambition to boost the sector of nanotechnology, microelectronics and IoT. We mainly focus on Belgium and surrounding countries in which we can find the top expertise centers in this technological area. Our investment sweet spot lies between EUR 0.5 million and EUR 2.5 million in a first round. Within KBC, we aim to be partners for entrepreneurs from idea to IPO. Therefore, we have dedicated teams with expertise in these domains at our M&A, Corporate Finance and Research & Sales departments. Our dream and ambition is to participate in the creation of a new thriving ecosystem.

We can be lead or co-investor.

Furthermore, we also invest in companies from our own accelerator:

The StartIt@KBC accelerator was created in 2014 together with several partners in order to foster scalable business models and provides the office space, expert advice, mentoring, workshops and all the tools needed to succeed. In just a few years, we have seen the accelerator become Belgium’s biggest with over 600 different development stories.